About us

We are a group of scientists and business people who are united by an exciting goal – to create an effective automatic emotion analyzer in a written text.

With the patience and meticulousness of researchers (linguists, psychologists, cognitiveists), fierce and flexible business, with the support of an experienced team of developers, we have reached our goal – our tools have been created. These are the first so advanced solutions for analyzing emotions in language. Unique on a global scale.

Emotions influence our decisions, in life and business. They tell us what is good and worth the effort, and what is better to avoid or fight. Our tools allow us to measure the emotions surrounding a given company, brand, product and to use this knowledge in media monitoring, adjusting advertising messages, analysing customer comments, as well as issues related to brand safety or hate speech.

The team

The SENTIMENTI project is implemented by four teams of specialists:
psychologists, linguists, IT specialists and management specialists.