Monitoring of emotions

Brand awareness and surrounding emotions measured in an objective way.

Keep your hand on the pulse of the brand’s reputation changes on the web.

You know how much they talk about you online. You check if the number of mentions will change after the advertising campaign has started… Are you sure that the advertising campaign has evoked positive emotions? Do you know to what extent your brand stands out from the competition? These and similar questions will be answered by our emotion monitoring.

Or maybe you want to check whether the changes in the emotions expressed in the network correlate with sales results or the number of hits on your website? We measure emotions, and not just indicate what kind of sentiment is mentioned. Our results are numbers that we can compare with any hard indicators when preparing a report for you.

Case Study

The monitoring of Sentimenti’s emotions has already been checked by the National Center of Culture, for which we have analyzed the statements about 11 November. We showed that the emotions on Independence Day differ from the moods preceding the celebration and the reflections following the march through Polish cities. Thanks to our tools we also checked how fashion brands communicate with consumers and proposed a way to measure the brand’s network NPS.


Our offer is always tailored to the order. Do you need a report or just an addition to your data? You’ve already collected the records, shall we? Write to us and see how much more you can find out by analyzing Sentimenti’s emotions.

How it works

We measure emotions – each longer or shorter text will be measured and weighted by us in terms of the intensity of the 8 basic emotions from the Plutchik model, sentiment and general excitement expressed in it. We can further analyze the data collected in this way in many ways – comparing the results of one brand with those of competitors, comparing emotions with the popularity of products or posts, measuring the volatility of emotions over time.

Find out more

…on our blog:

  • We write there about good practices in emotional analysis,
  • We compare well-known beer, commercial and fashion brands with each other.
  • We analyze the variability of emotions over time and responding to the actions of content creation specialists.
  • We have also published a report showing the effectiveness of our tools against the background of our competitors.
  • For Polityka w Sieci, we wrote together about, among other things, the exposé of Prime Minister Morawiecki and his reactions to it.
  • For the National Cultural Centre, we analysed what was written on the Internet about the Independence Day celebrations. The results were presented during the XII Forum of Culture of the Word in the paper Emotions in the Web. Analysis of internet discussions related to the anniversary of regaining independence (Marlena Modzelewska, Kamila Węglarska, National Cultural Centre)

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