Emotional positioning of advertisements

Better positioning of advertising, product, branding. Providing brand safety. Thanks to emotions.

Advertising in a good place

By investing in the advertising of your product you make sure that it reaches the recipient as well as possible. Advertising is above all the emotions it evokes. That is why it should be accompanied by the right text, surroundings…

Think about the text about the Tatras. It is matched by trekking shoes or a travel agency offer. But how to avoid a crisis in the form of advertising a trip to the mountains in a text about a tourist accident? Or a computer game advertisement when talking about their harmfulness? After all, we all know examples of such stumbles… Thanks to the emotional positioning you will avoid such situations – your advertisement will not find itself in the wrong context, will not cause misunderstanding and will not evoke unnecessary emotions. On the contrary – emotional positioning of advertisements will increase the effectiveness of your message.

New York Times, The Daily Beast or USA Today have already introduced a similar solution. With us you can be one of the first in Poland and significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising message.

Case Study

For Interia.pl we have created the so-called Map of Portal Emotions. For this purpose, we have analyzed tens of thousands of published articles, measuring the level of emotions and awakenings that a given content causes in the reader. These data allowed us to indicate the sections of the portal that differ from each other by their emotions.

Such knowledge gives our client a unique approach to selling their advertising space in Poland. Depending on the advertiser’s needs, Interia can now indicate those sections, or specific articles where the commissioned advertisement will have the best possible effect, in terms of the reader’s emotional involvement.

This absolutely innovative approach allows, for the first time, to place advertising creations in the right emotional context, surrounded by the right emotions.


Our technologically advanced service is both simple to implement and transparent in price. You pay for the number of analyzed texts – your own in case of portals, blogs, etc. or publicly available entries about the product, brand, service in case of monitoring the effectiveness of marketing content action.

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How it works

We analyze the emotions surrounding the advertisement and thus the emotions of the addressee. We know what they are going to be, even before they get to know it. We offer tools to measure the emotional impact of text, whole portals, blogs, social profiles. The result of the analysis of emotions is a metadata that can be easily added to the description of the advertising space in a software ad. Similarly, we analyse content marketing actions, before, during and after their emission, measuring their emotional reception.

Our tools for measuring emotions and sentiment in Polish are probably the best on the market. In order to create them, we first conducted research with 22 thousand people, and then trained neural networks to correctly recognize the sound of text – like people, or more precisely the average Polish language user.

Find out more

If you need more details, write to us. We also invite you to our blog – we show there many examples of emotion analysis.

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