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Sentiment? Emotions are more important!

Do you know the measurement of sentiment? Negative and positive valuation of content? A simple to convey measure. Unfortunately, for the same reason, inaccurate and even, in our opinion, misrepresenting the measured sentiment. Why do we think so? We are not white-black in his emotions, we do not express our state through negative and positive sentiment. We express it through joy, anger, sadness, trust, expectation, fear, surprise, revulsion and many other emotions.

Benefits of emotion analysis

  • You learn what emotions your brand/product/advertising campaign evokes in customers;
  • You enrich your analysis/reports/surveys with the aspect of emotion that the researched phenomena evoke and how they affect the achieved results;
  • You anticipate crisis in advance. In the company, in the market, in society, in politics.

You want to really know what others think and feel, measure emotion, not sentiment.

Easy to use Sentitool

SentiTool is our proprietary solution to accurately measure emotion. Exactly – every percentage. When everyone is telling you zero-one sentiment, with us you will learn about each emotion contained in the text and its contribution. Sentiment and emotional arousal too.

It’s simple. Upload collected texts to Sentitool and get emotion level measurement results in simple formats for further analysis.

Analysis example

You can also commission us to do an analysis on a given topic,
and you will receive the results in the form of a report with comments. For example, like this

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