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Do you know the measurement of sentiment? Negative and positive valuation of content? A simple to convey measure. Unfortunately, for the same reason, inaccurate and even, in our opinion, misrepresenting the measured sentiment. Why do we think so?

Would you rather learn that the customer is expressing a negative sentiment, or perhaps that they are angry or sad. It will tell you more when you find out about (as much as) excitement about your product/service, versus (only) acceptance of the offer, would you consider the term “positive sentiment” alone sufficient?

You know the answer yourself. Man is not white-black in his emotions, he does not express his state through negative and positive sentiment. He expresses it through joy, anger, sadness, trust, expectation, fear, surprise, revulsion and many other emotions.

Medwiediev statement
You want to really know what others think and feel, measure emotion, not sentiment.

SentiTool is our proprietary solution to accurately measure emotion. Exactly – every percentage. When everyone is telling you zero-one sentiment, with us you will learn about each emotion contained in the text and its contribution. Sentiment and emotional arousal too.

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Take sentiment analysis to the next level. Measure social media mentions, politicians’ statements in this way, check your text before publication. Be precise, your customers will thank you for it.

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