dr inż. Anita Walkowiak-Gall

dr inż. Anita Walkowiak-Gall

An expert in the field of business and system analysis as well as design and management of the software development process. A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management (in the field of Computer Science, specialization in Software Engineering).

She obtained her Ph.D. thesis on the application of formal methods for the specification of real-time systems. For 13 years, she has been using her knowledge through active participation in IT projects, including projects implementing business and system analysis methods at banks (ING Bank Śląski, Credit Agricole Bank Polski, Bank Zachodni WBK) and institutions (Central Statistical Office) as well as projects to improve and standardize business processes (IMPEL Capital Group).

She conducts specialist training, consultancy, and audits of IT projects. As an auxiliary consultant, Anita provided the opinions on the methodology of conducting business and system analysis performed by project contractors, assessed the artifacts they created (e.g., for insurance institutions and the Ministry of Justice).

Our Team

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